Dianne taken July 1943
Early years at 38 Autumn Ave., (Home was just purchased, C 1944)
Dianne at Murray and Wiz's on South Street Dover Foxcroft.
Dianne and Ellen
Dianne and Ellen, clearing brush at Guard Point. C 1955
Dianne and Ellen, riding on "Princess" The only way Ellen could get a ride was if she shoveled out the muck first.
Dianne as a teen at Guard Point.
This photo was taken at Tozier's Trailer Park, Bangor, Maine, 1965 our first mobile home..
Dianne on a trip on San Francisco Bay, c 1984
Dianne at "Regent's Park", London Tube station. Shopping bag, purse and umbrella in hand.
This is "James Harriot", signing his book, "All Creatures Great and Small", at Thirsk, United Kingdom.
Josh, Nana and Pop-Pop.
"Punkin" and Dianne at the Guyotte Farm, circa 1991-1992.
"Punkin" and Dianne on a winter walk on the White Road, next to the farm, Corinna, Maine.
It didn't make any difference how cold it was outside, Dianne loved her horses.
Dianne and "BJ" (Bon-Jovi) at "Shambala", Linda Wise's beautiful spread.
This photo was taken at J. C. Penny Hair Salon. Back row, Karen, and Heidi Thomas.
One of Dianne's goals was to "drive" a one horse carriage.
Lara Miller, granddaughter, and Dianne on front lawn at "Pumpkin Farm".
Evelyn Collins, (John's sister), Dianne and Ellen at Guard Point, "Periwinkle"
Christmas was a special time at "Pumpkin Farm".
Dianne and Karen on a carriage ride off Greenbush Road, Corinna, Maine.
Dianne enjoying the nice afternoon on the porch.
"Number 9", (the first), and Dianne with a "bear" in Belfast, circa, early 2003.
Oh, then there is the Mickey Mouse hat...
Gathering at Guard Point. Left to Right, Wally Van Dyke, Dianne and Ellen.
We just bought "Number 9", 2nd, home to Brewer.
Josh and Dianne on the porch, during a visit with Karen and Sue.
Dianne, (after open-heart surgery) at Linda Wise's "Shambala".
John and Dianne just after watching the "Lippizana Horses", at Bangor Auditorium
Dianne at the Skowhegan Horse Show.
Lunch with Rhonda outside Hannaford Headquarters, October 10, 2004.
Dianne and Traci Circa April 2006.
Dianne and "Number 9", enjoying some time outside, July 2005.
Dianne and "Number 9" in the front yard at 610 Eastern Ave., Brewer, Maine.
A surprise visit with Rhonda at her "Shot Glass and Ash Tray" shop.
Karen and Dianne outside Karen's apartment building, Dover, New Hampshire. (Photo taken May 13, 2007)
Rhonda, Karen, "Number 9" and Dianne after a wonderful speciality hamburger at Red Robin's in Augusta, Maine, July 31, 2007.
Dianne, John and "Number 9", first camping event at Searsport, Maine, October 06, 2007. (This was to be the last photo taken of Dianne).
Dianne and "Punkin", "Together Again".
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