Ellen and Dianne, circa. 1946
Ellen, bouncing baby
Ellen, a little girl doing what Mom's do
See, Ellen did it!
Serious and Priceless...
Ellen and Dianne, looking at the future with love for the ocean. Picture taken at Schoodic Point, June 22, 1948.
Picking blueberries, or maybe just eating berries. Guard Point, 01 Sept 1951.
Dianne and Ellen, July 1951, Brooksville, Maine.
A photo taken at 22 School Street, Brewer, Maine. Center, going Left Dean Burrill, wife Evelyn and daughter Louise. Front Ellen, Dianne, June, Marion, and Phyllis.
Dianne and Ellen, "liik-A-Likes". (Appears photo taken at 38 Autumn Ave., D-F.
A serious photo, even thou there is a "break" of a smile.
Ellen on "Flounder Rock" (Guard Point), August 26, 1951.
Photo at Green Camp at Guard Point. It looks like "someone". (Ellen) is not happy about something...
Ellen and Dianne at Guard Point. (I wonder if the boat leaks)
Ellen, young teenager...
A family gathering at Guard Point, 1956.
Ellen, holding a kitty...
Well, if you don't like her hair style, she'll wear a wig... (Location, back yard, Hampden, Maine)
Ellen at South Addison Lobster Pound
Hmmmm. So that's how the "Pumpkin Farm" front door became red!!
Ellen, without fail, goes all out for any visitor at camp.
A gathering in August 2005. Wally, Dianne and Ellen.
Ellen and Dianne at Guard Point, Summer 2006.
Compilers: John and Dianne Van Dyke: John and Dianne Van Dyke