Astrid, about 8 years old.
Astrid, appearing to be looking skyward, with future in her mind.
This is "Moie", (Anna Backlund Seadale) and Astrid with her dog.
This is "Moie" and Carl Seadale.
This is Ruth Rawstrom, (First Cousin) and Astrid.
Astrid, about 11 years old.
Astrid, about 11 years old, with Moie at Lawrence Harbor..
Astrid, at Verona Lake, 1930.
Astrid, in her 20's.
Mom, at 10 Deland Street, East Northport, c 1962
Grandma Van Dyke and Joshua c July 1985
Compiler: John W. Van Dyke: John and Dianne Van Dyke