John's interest in airplanes goes back to his childhood. Therefore, enlisting in the U. S. Air Force was a "no-brainer" choice. The technical school airplane was a T-33A. His assignment in Germany also had him on T-33A's. Follow-on assignments to Dow AFB, Maine and Griffiss AFB, New York also had him working T-33A's.

An assignment to Keflavik, Iceland had John working TF/F-102A aircraft.

His next assignment, George AFB, California, had him working F-4D's and F-4E aircraft. His F-4 aircraft work continued on when he was transferred to Udorn, Thailand.

From Thailand, he was assigned to Nellis AFB, Nevada, changed aircraft type to F-111A's. He went with the F-111A deployment to Takhli, Thailand, Sep 72 - Mar73. He followed on to Pease AFB, New Hampshire working as FB-111A Quality Control inspector and Job Control controller. Follow-ons took him to HQ/Strategic Air Command, FB-111A Program Manager and further to Sacramento Air Logistics Center HQ/SAC Liaison.

Another change of aircraft, this time KC-135A's, when he was assigned to RAF Fairford, United Kingdom. Temporary duty assignments to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and the Azores were part of the tour.

Final Air Force assignment took him back to George AFB and F-4E aircraft. Official Air Force retirement was 31 August 1989.

In his new career, he went to work for Boeing Aerospace, Boeing "Peace Sentinel" program for the Royal Saudi Air Force at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in Job Control as a controller and later night supervisor. Aircraft included E-3A, KE-3A and KE-3B.

Photo of T-33A, first aircraft John worked.
In Iceland, John was assigned as Crew Chief on this TF-102A, a two-seater.
This actual aircraft is one John would taxi to alert or run-up pad.
F-4D's are the first series John worked at George AFB, CA and Udorn, Thailand.
John worked the F-4E's at George AFB just prior to departing for Thailand.
This actual aircraft was the first F-111A John was assigned as Crew Chief. Tail marking had "NA".
This was one of seven F-111A's John was Flight Chief for Crew Chiefs at Takhli, Thailand.
KC-135A aircraft, Fairford UK. TDY trips to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
One of five RSAF E3A aircraft.
RSAF KE-3A aerial refueler
RSAF KE-3B. Original tail number 1817. Now 1901.
Compiler: John W. Van Dyke: John and Dianne Van Dyke